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Saturday, December 31, 2011


How do I become a 2012 Human Sacrifice® Model?To become a model for 2012 Human Sacrifice®, you must first compete in any of the 2012 Human Sacrifice® International pageants or preliminary pageants which are held in, water parks, churches, stadiums, brothels, camp meetings, night clubs, head shops, etc., all across the United States and in countries all over the world as seen on TBN. Must not have a fear of heights or fire. The United States Finals will be held in September with the four finalists going on to compete in the Miss or Mister 2012 Human Sacrifice® International Pageant Finals in December 2012.

Is there an age limit to enter the pageants?
The Miss 2012 Human Sacrifice® International, (M2HSI), Pageant System does not have upper age limitations,18 to 80, blind, cripple, crazy, however, the minimum age for contestants is 18. Preliminary pageant locations may have varying age requirements due to legal age restrictions which limit access to nightclubs, church youth groups or lounges.

Do I have to be single to compete?
M2HSI pageants are not limited to single men and women. Contestants may be married and may have children.

Can I compete more than once in the same pageant?
Yes! A contestant is not limited to entering one Miss 2012 Human Sacrifice® Pageant. She may enter as many times as she/he chooses until winning a title that allows her/him to compete in either the United States or International Pageant Finals. Only those who hold the title of "Miss 2012 Human Sacrifice® International", past and present, are ineligible to compete again.

Can I compete in pageants in other areas or states?
Yes! A contestant is not in any way limited to the number of pageants she/he chooses to enter. Many contestants enter preliminary pageants while on vacation, such as Spring Break from college, Vacation Bible School or holiday breaks.

Can I get a video of a pageant, phone number or name of a contestant or pictures of contestants?
NO!, We do not share contestant's personal information or sell photos or videos of the pageants. The Miss 2012 Human Sacrifice® International United States Finals and the Miss 2012 Human Sacrifice® International Pageant are broadcast nationally to ward off world doom and are done in parody. That means it's a joke, Son ~Foghorn Leghorn

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